Appointments and Scheduling

Appointments and Scheduling

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in making an appointment with me. I’m writing this blog post to give you an idea of how my approach to taking new clients looks.
As of the moment, I’m only taking new appointments on a 2-month basis. This way, clients have the chance to get new work done without having enormous waiting times, and it gives me the flexibility for all other creative ventures I’m involved in to keep my creativity running for my tattoo work.

I’m beyond thankful for all the messages and emails requesting appointments. Every request is appreciated.
Unfortunately, my time is limited, which means whenever I give out new appointments, there will be many requests which I can’t take. That has nothing to do with that I don’t like your idea or anything personal with you. It’s just the limitation of time by balancing my work and my life to perform on my best level for you. That can only work if I don’t make my tattooing a mass production, rather a rare collection of single exclusive pieces.

Tattooing is a passion, and I want to keep it this way. Creating schedules, like in the past, where I had to schedule two years of appointments in advance to catch up with the demand, was putting a lot of pressure on me and never gave me the chance to retreat and recharge my energy. I want to give each client my fullest, not just with the tattoo, but more importantly, with the entire experience and my full attention.

That pressure was putting me into the predicament that it was impossible to foresee or plan when exactly I have my creative downtimes at times that resulted in frustration with my “passion” and made me want to change careers many times. But I don’t want to lose this passion, hence why I had to scale down the appointments significantly to preserve this gift which I’d like to keep sharing with you.

Just imagine you have a career where you have to give every time a 110%. Unlike a variety of jobs where on “bad days,” it’s possible to wing it with 60% (maybe a bit more internet-surfing or a coffee more, etc.), in tattooing, a client demands your best, since the work is permanent and lasts a lifetime and doesn’t forgive mistakes.
But on top of it, you need to even progress and see you’re skill steadily improving. So you’ll have to give even the extra 10% for that. Naturally, this can be very exhausting, so a lot of freedom outside of tattooing is necessary to balance that, including no messaging or email communication. To be able and recharged to be there 110% for the client and to create a great tattoo.

Since my custom tattoo appointments are very scarce, a recommended way to have a higher chance of getting an appointment is to schedule for my wanna-do designs. These designs have priority for me because these collections which I prepare have a lot of meaning and expression of my creative style. From experience, the more “range-of-motion” my clients give me, the more stunning the results get because I can fully play into my strengths. Funny enough, the “do whatever you want tattoos” seem always to be the most enjoyed by my clients, by myself, and by my audience (like you) 🙂
That’s a win-win-win situation, hence why the wanna-do-designs will have the higher priority. However, please understand that these designs are also limited since each design will be tattooed just once to make it exclusive to the one receiving this tattoo.

I will post these wanna-do-designs every month. So the next time I’ll open up my books, everyone on my email list will get the chance to have early access to my wanna-do collection to book for these designs. In order to get on my mailing list, please use the subscribe box below.

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and understanding, and I’m excited to create a tattoo on you as well!


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8 Responses

  1. Daniel I have known you for a couple years now and you don’t cease to amaze. Every year your work gets even better and better. I’m excited to see what the future holds and excited to work with you for a future piece soon. Great job on focusing yourself and your passion.

  2. Hi my name is Johnny Herrera, I previously got a tattoo from Daniel a couple of years ago and continue to enjoy it daily. I wanted to know if there was any open appointments for additional work. Thank you for your time and attention.

  3. Your work and artistic design is incredible, honestly some of the best I’ve ever seen. I really hope to be able to get on your books one day for a sleeve. Your style of art and the detail within is exactly what I’ve envisioned to sleeve my arm in. Your shit is next level man, I’m always stoked to see what your creating next!

  4. Your work is absolutely stunning. I deeply appreciate your methodology and the fact that you are putting yourself first to ensure your passion is never lost. I’ve yet to see a piece of yours that I wouldn’t welcome to show off myself. I hope that I am fortunate enough to be able to work with you in the future, keep up the amazing work!

  5. I want a tattoo of pier of cutting scissors that’s about 3 inches long on the side of my right arm If it’s possible I would buy silver color like a real pair scissors

  6. I am very interested in speaking with you and consulting with you on a full sleeve in the sacred geometry space. I dig your work ! Thank you for considering working with me. I look forward to your response in kind.

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