Beauty and decay

Beauty and Decay

Beauty and decay

– Tattoo from earlier last year



Life is a constant cycle, everything grows, and everything fades eventually back to dust (the entropy). In this finite existence, it’s all about to be in the moment, throughout every chapter in our lives. This tattoo design is a constant reminder to appreciate even the smallest, sometimes seemingly insignificant moments. It’s about staying in a continuous flow of nature’s beauty but also the inevitable decay. The label “decay” is nothing negative and is the most natural process. Aging and growing is a beauty in itself. Eventually, to disappear is only creating the stage for new life to emerge. We’re granted this “glimpse,” and the time we have here is too short to worry, to be selfish, or think that the universe is evolving around us, were just merely a part in this more significant play that exceeds our existence here. Hence, the only option is to appreciate this exact moment and be thankful that we even got granted this opportunity to experience it.

If you want to find out more about how I create my tattoo-designs, feel free to check out my online-course.


“Daniel not only explained his reasoning for everything he did, but he seemed passionate in doing so. He clearly put a ton of thought and effort into making my idea his own design and was entirely receptive to my thoughts. The session went so smoothly, and Daniel made the entire experience as comfortable as possible.”

-Brosnan Brook

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