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Daniel Meyer

Do you want to enhance your designing skill and bring your work as a Tattoo Artist or your portfolio to get an Apprenticeship to the next level?
Let me teach you my techniques, workflow and secrets, I’ve acquired during my sixteen years working as a professional, which made me a national and internationally known designer and Tattoo Artist with a steady flow of clients from all around the world.


Everything you need to improve your work, develop your own style and improve your business as a graphic-designer and tattoo artist​

How to use digital workflow for your Tattoo-Designs (Essentials)

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How to use digital workflow for your Tattoo-Designs (Advanced)​

How to use Adobe Illustrator to create stunning Geometric Designs​


This is what our enrolled students say:

I've been working for over a year as a tattooing apprentice. During the Lockdown, I wanted to spend my time as productive as possible and learn as much about tattooing and the necessary skills as I can, before all businesses will open up again. I think that this course has brought an entirely new way of thinking into my drawings and designs. The ability to rearrange designs quickly, especially if a client is present, and the last finishing touches need to be made, is incredible. It saves me so much time preparing my designs since I've adapted a digital workflow to my process. Saved time is like saved money. Thank you, Daniel.
Sally F.
This course is excellent. I don't come from the tattoo industry since my profession is being a professional graphic designer in Los Angeles, responsible for the creative layouts for multiple renowned companies. I got the course as a gift from my best friend. She thought it might benefit my work and teach me more about the software. I'm so happy with the material Daniel is putting out and the positivity when he explains it in his "german way." I think the money is well-spent for such a high-quality produced course. It has improved and accelerated my workflow as a graphic artist, and who knows, maybe even if I pursue a tattooing career one day.
Jalissa E.
Initially, I found it hard to decide if Daniel's course is the right fit for me. But after hearing some of my tattoo-artist colleagues talking only positive about Daniel's work, especially in the field of coaching, I've decided to give it a try. After finishing the course, I can say that this knowledge source is impressive and helped me fully understand a new workflow for my designs, create new creative arrangements, and even have lots of fun doing so. This course has been so helpful, and I can only recommend it to you if you're either an established artist already or just getting started in your career. Hands down, great work Daniel and I look forward to see new courses coming up!
Lukas Z.
Tattoo Artist
As Daniel's girlfriend (first) and later apprentice, I can probably speak first hand from knowing him as a person and later working with him. At the beginning of my apprenticeship with Daniel, he put me through the traditional techniques and then translated them into a fully digital process using advanced techniques. It had drastically improved my workflow; it has also saved me time in creating my designs. This course gives you insight into his routine in Adobe Photoshop. Every day, for the last months seeing him spending every spare minute to create more valuable content, even to my demise of him missing out on his house duties (haha), is justified. He is passionate about creating content and value for others, which could help many others as well.​
Koi S.
Tattoo Artist


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