Es ist Zeit…

Es ist Zeit is the German translation for “it is time” is a sentence that has guided me throughout every chapter of my life. It’s always the same big question; When is the right time? There is, and probably never has been, the “right time.”

The hard truth is: There will never be the moment when the skies open, Angles standing on clouds playing heavy-metal on electric guitars, and a giant glowing neon-sign decent form heaven spelling THIS IS THE TIME!

Spectacular things start in unspectacular moments.

Whatever we strive for to accomplish or search for can only be archived by taking the first step by doing it and putting it out in the world. The most genius piece of music, the most inspiring book, the most thought-provoking piece of art, the finest recipe, or the most helpful tool is useless if it stays unreleased. Like it has never existed. When we put something out, the world will resonate back whatever intention we put in the things we create—nothing less. It’s really like some sort of magic. Think about it; we are the creators of the world and the life we’re living in. The limit is only the limit of our thoughts and imagination. History is at a crossroads right now, and the needle can tip over in either direction, and it is 100% dependent on us as individuals what we make out of whatever is given to us in this moment. Waiting and wanting something which is not in our control will only produce inner conflict and will keep us away from what we are and what we should create.

One of the most recent example in my life was last Thanksgiving. I’ve received so many compliments from colleagues and clients about my workflow and design process throughout my career that it became this persistent thought in the back of my mind: The ultimate form of mastery is teaching. It was already past 10 PM when the impulse came: Do it now.
I got up, put my boots on, and took the drive to my studio to pick up everything I need to start recording. Back home, sitting down until the early morning hours, writing on a notepad every idea that could help others. I just knew that much of my knowledge and technical experience can be invaluable for other designers, artists, and tattooers as well. Hence I wanted to share the same tools and opportunities they created in my career and personal life with others instead of keeping them for myself.
This moment wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t glorious; actually, it was quite straining, but this is how things actually happen—persistent little steps. It only matters if we put it out in the world. 
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Anyway, this is only one of many examples to illustrate how the most banal moments can create a ripple effect. But also think about the geniuses, creators, or misfits who significantly shaped the world we’re living in. What would have happened if they just kept it for themself or didn’t found the right time to start? They started in unspectacular circumstances when they just sat down and DID IT. However silly it might have looked like and how many baby-steps it took to get there. Even our failures are the only steps it takes to get there.

Is there maybe anything where you know you should put it out in the world? Something you have the potential for, to leave your mark behind, something which might even “outlive” yourself? Maybe the right time to start it is, well… now.

Es ist Zeit for new beginnings.

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