Hello, everyone, thank you for tuning back in, today I
want to talk about a very personal topic, which probably every

person in the world has encountered at one point
in their life and to deal with it differently.

I’m talking about failure to fail.

It is a very strong emotion around this word.

Failure or failing.

We almost feel like giving up on ourselves.

But I want to dive a little bit into this topic and
want to show a complete different way how to see failure.

Very early on, we learn that failing is to
be punished and succeeding is to be rewarded.

Let’s say, for example, in school, you get your grades, you
get an F, you failed, you get an A, you succeeded.

And everything is about just always succeeding.

Failure equals punishment, like how many kids
got maybe grounded eventually in their life.

Like I definitely got grounded when I bought an F back from home.

I don’t know about you, but this is
like such an example for, punishment for failure.

But what most people don’t know or maybe are just not
really aware of is that it takes failure to become successful.

Failure is a process.

So you can pretty much measure somebody who is very successful at something
on the amount of how many failures this person was able to

endure. It is really in the absolute most single of cases where
somebody had a great idea, this like one hit wonder everything

successful. No, usually it is a product of continuously
pursuing and pursuing and pursuing and still stay encouraged.

Maybe your first business will fail, maybe your second, maybe
your third career, your fourth career, maybe they fail.

But as long as from every step to the next
one, you try to recover from it and improve.

So pretty much a failure is
a fantastic opportunity to improve yourself.

You can learn so much from failure.

I don’t know what I ever learned from success.

Like, I seriously don’t know, but I can ensure
that I made many mistakes in my life.

But this is OK and I had to pay for some of those mistakes very badly.

But I take it as a learning
experience, I will constantly improve myself.

And even if it takes a couple of more failures to get exactly where I
have to be to become the person I have to be, well, then I’m willing

to take whatever other failure comes my way because count your success on
the amount of failures you were able to endure to get this one

successful hint, idea, concept, song, whatever it is.

Be thankful for your failures, learn from them, get back
on the bike and just keep doing what you’re doing.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little bit, and if you
like it, leave a comment in the comments section and tune in next time.

Have a good day.

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  1. Loving the posts lately! Glad you had some time to detox from social media and take care of yourself. Hope all is well and looking forward to adding a third piece from you in the future!

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