Tattoo from earlier last year

Tattoo Meaning:

For Jesse’s tattoo, we wanted to create a design that reflects his passion for Television and Film; he has been working professionally in this field since his early years. The tattoo should be a reminder of this passion.
To represent the evolution of film and its impact on our society and culture, we decided to go with a theme with a human body as the center-piece, referencing a DaVincian Vitruvian Man aesthetic in combination with a vintage analog camera. The film-strip shows a running mannequin to illustrate the essence of what a film actually is: A sequence of images. If a picture can say more than a thousand words, it makes us grasp what a thousand pictures can tell.
Thank you Jesse for your trust.

If you want to find out more about how I create my tattoo-designs, feel free to check out my online-course.


My experience with Daniel couldn’t have been any better. Since I didn’t see any of his sketches before my arrival, I was a bit nervous but as soon as I saw the piece that he worked on for me, I was instantly put at ease. Between the atmosphere that he’s created at his studio and his ability to make me feel comfortable, I would recommend Daniel to anyone! -Jesse

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