Geometric Design Essentials Vol. 1

Save time and get my TWENTY (20) easy to use Geometric Designs now, to use them in your own projects and Tattoo Designs

Daniel Meyer is an International published tattoo artist, as seen or appeared on:

Tired of creating the same tattoo compositions for your clients?

Is your design process lacking fun and modern spin? Do you want to bring creativity and modern touch to your creation? Do you want to get all of these features in less time as well? Then this is just the right tool for your artist’s toolbox. 

My Geometric Design Essentials Vol. 1 is full of new and creative ideas, through which you can save a lot of your time. It has 20 pure Geometric Design Elements as Pixel Images (PNG files) or Vector Images (EPS files). All these unique designs are ready to be remixed, reworked, or added with more details as per your desire to compose your very own personalized and customized tattoo design compositions.

While you work on your Tattoo, the 20 design library helps you choose your design type instead of designing it from the scratch. The best thing is that you can already get the benefits from my expertise in geometric designs over the last 10 years. Remix, rearrange, cut and paste, use your imagination or let it be the same as it is, create your own composition, get inspired, start experimenting and have fun. If you want to find out more about my Photoshop Workflow and how to approach a Tattoo-Design, check out my Online-Course as well: HOW TO USE DIGITAL WORKFLOW FOR YOUR TATTOO DESIGNS (ESSENTIALS)

You can create your own designs using my files in your own tattoo designs and personal projects in software like Adobe PhotoshopIllustrator, Affinity Photo, Procreate, and many more.

20 Hi-Resolution Geometric Designs for you

20 Geometric Design + BONUS Designs

What's included:

Geometric Design Essentials Vol. 1​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most graphic design applications can open these 20 designs. The designs come as Pixel images with transparent backgrounds (PNG) or as vector files (ESP). Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Procreate, and Others are compatible with PNG and EPS.

Purchase our product and you can get a downloadable ZIP file containing 20 unique geometrical design elements. These elements are either Vector or High-resolution pixel files.

Tattoo designs are generally used for body aesthetics, scar or burn replacement, religious presentations, identifications, and in most cases to show beauty and passion according to the tattoo design. Our Templates can be rearranged, recomposed, cut and pasted, or improvised to result in your desired tattoo.

The Usage for resale, reproduction in Print, or for Merchandise needs to be agreed upon by Daniel prior. Contact us  via

After the purchase, the downloaded 20 images are available to download for 72 hours. If you need an extension for that time, please just write us via

Why choose our Geometric Designs Essential Vol. 1?

Tattoo Art is becoming a passion amongst the young and the old. If tattoo art is your passion too and you want to go for an exceptional option with low cost and less hassle, this is the best opportunity for you to have what you want. Our Geometric Designs Essential Vol. 1 provides the best aesthetic assistance to tattoo art lovers who are looking for a unique design element. This volume consists of 20 unique tattoo templates with an option to add, remove, improve or compose your own design before you get a beautiful tattoo design as result. Tattoo templates, which are compatible with well-known software, assure the best tattoo art experience.