Learn how to use digital workflow for your tattoo-designs (Essentials)

How Hundreds Of Starters & Advanced Tattooing Business Owners Work Less And Increase Their Income By Implementing A Simple, But Highly Efficient Digital Step-By-Step Workflow System

Daniel Meyer is an International published tattoo artist, as seen or appeared on:

I know how time-consuming it can be to manage your tattoo business, your clients & still to come up with fresh and new design ideas for every client.
Sometimes it can feel so frustrating, isn’t it? Though…
…despite all this, it can be a horror or a dream job, it’s in your hands. The problem is that, with time, you will get tired ( it’s normal ), and you will want to have more time for yourself, to enjoy the other things in your life.

Things like:

  • Working on your personal art-projects
  • Go being a Travel-Artist
  • Taking care of your health
  • Improving your fitness level
  • Feeling at ease you have enough clients booked

…but there you are. Spending all day working drawing your design to improve your concept, so you can create amazing artworks that are also worth to be posted on Social Media to enrich your portfolio and clients trust.

But not just takes too much time to come up with the right concepts, especially when they have to drawn and redrawn from scratch over and over again.

Until now.
I will share with you my entire workflow, roadmap that I personally always followed through my sixteen years of career as a professional designer and tattoo artist.

I will teach you how to speed up your drafting, find the right image material, and how to come up with creative ideas.

This is the design-system I wish I’ve had when I started as a tattoo artist and a graphic designer.
It’s the first time I’m teaching any of my techniques and showing my work-routine. 

As my student, I will give you a look over my shoulder to see how I approach the entire process from start to finish: By discussing two complete design concepts, brainstorming, and showing you the exact steps from drafting to the final design stage in Adobe Photoshop. 

A system that helped me achieve:

  • Various awards
    National/International Publications in print, TV, and Radio
  • A full year wait-list booked with Premium clients
  • Artistic freedom where clients let me do what I really want to tattoo

And now, you are able to follow the same steps to give you more artistic freedom, even if you’re a beginner or advanced by simplifying the way you work and moving it into the Digital Space.
Tap into the Power of Adobe Photoshop and other tools to systematize your work & tremendously save your time.

I’m happy to present you:

How to use digital workflow for your tattoo-designs (Essentials)

What's included:

3-Month Access

$ 25 Month

Annual Access

$ 10 Month

Life-time Access

$ 200 One-time

How this course can benefit you

This step-by-step program is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a way to push your designs to the next creative level
  • You already work in the industry & want to improve your workflow
  • You want to be able to make faster changes on designs when being with a client
  • Scale your business & craft and earn even more money
  • Save time & enjoy other things that matter in life
  • Systematize your workflow & move into the digital space
    Stand out from the competition
  • Develop a unique style & your own design language
  • Make clients perceive you as Professional & Premium (even as a beginner)
  • Climb the ladder to become a leader in the tattoo industry (even as a beginner)
  • Does this sound great to you?

Be Aware: The number of people I can let in will be limited.

I can only let in a limited number of artists who are serious about their tattoo career/business and are in real need of a step-by-step guide.

GUARANTEE: If you don’t feel more confident in the way you work as a tattoo artist, and still feel insecure after going through less than 25% of the course in 30 days, contact me via E-Mail. and you’ll receive a full refund.

Course Preview

BONUS: Tattoo-DESIGN Templates

Tattoo Design Templates

As a BONUS for this course, I’m giving you my personal Tattoo-Design Templates for Adobe Photoshop, which you can use as previews for your Designs while working on them.

This gives you more control over positioning and Body-Flow during the entire process from the creation to the final Mock-Up. It’s also a tool to present your design professional to your client to visualize how their new Tattoo can look like. This course comes with 30 High-Resolution PSD Templates of various female and male body parts.



This is what our enrolled students say:

I've been working for over a year as a tattooing apprentice. During the Lockdown, I wanted to spend my time as productive as possible and learn as much as possible about tattooing and the necessary skills, before all businesses will open up again. I think that this course has brought an entirely new way of thinking into my drawings and designs. The ability to rearrange designs quickly, especially if a client is present, and to do the last finishing touches, is incredible. It saves me so much time preparing my designs since I've adapted a digital workflow to my process. And saved time is like saved money. Thank you, Daniel.
Sally F.
This course is excellent. I don't come from the tattoo industry since my profession is being a professional graphic designer in Los Angeles, responsible for the creative layouts for multiple renowned companies. I got the course as a gift from my best friend. She thought it might benefit my work and teach me more about the software. I'm so happy with the material Daniel is putting out and the positivity when he explains it in his "german way." I think the money is well-spent for such a high-quality produced course. It has improved and accelerated my workflow as a graphic artist, and who knows, maybe even if I pursue a tattooing career one day.
Jalissa E.
Initially, I found it hard to decide if Daniel's course is the right fit for me. But after hearing some of my tattoo-artist colleagues talking only positive about Daniel's work, especially in the field of coaching, I've decided to give it a try. After finishing the course, I can say that this knowledge source is impressive and helped me fully understand a new workflow for my designs, create new creative arrangements, and even have lots of fun doing so. This course has been so helpful, and I can only recommend it to you if you're either an established artist already or just getting started in your career. Hands down, great work Daniel and I look forward to see new courses coming up!
Lukas Z.
Tattoo Artist
As Daniel's partner (first) and later apprentice, I can probably speak first hand from knowing him as a person and later working with him. At the beginning of my apprenticeship with Daniel, he put me through the traditional techniques and then translated them into a fully digital process using advanced techniques. It had drastically improved my workflow; it has also saved me time in creating my designs. This course gives you insight into his routine in Adobe Photoshop. Every day, for the last months seeing him spending every spare minute to create more valuable content, even to my demise of him missing out on his house duties (haha), is justified. He is passionate about creating content and value for others, which could help many others as well.
Koi S.
Tattoo Artist


Still hesitant? Here are some of the Key-Features, to offer you a high-quality learning experience:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee​

We offer a full 30-Day Money-Back grantee if your course is less than 25% completed. If you have questions, please reach out and contact us via E-Mail.

Access on mobile and TV

All courses are optimized for mobile as well as for TV screens with Closed Captions and up to 4K resolution.

Certificate Of Completion​

After completing your course, you’ll receive a personalized certificate for each course, which you can use to increase your chances to get an apprenticeship at a renowned Tattoo studio.

Downloadable Resources​

Our courses come with helpful resources and downloads, to give you helpful tools to implement and use them in your own work-flow.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this course, you’ll receive access to a 17-part 4K-resolution online-videos series, multi-language Closed-Captions (subtitles), with a complete course-dashboard that shows your progress and the completed chapters, a downloadable Hotkey-sheet for Daniels frequent used Hotkeys, a personalized course certificate after completing the course, helpful links and resources and as a BONUS: Daniels own tattoo design-templates for Adobe Photoshop, to draw and professionally present your designs.

The course has 2hours and 52 minutes of Video-Material.

No. The course online and will be instantly delivered and available after checkout. The course doesn’t come with a box or physical storage-device and, to save package material, wast avoid unnecessary waste production.

If you don’t like to listen to the course in English, you can choose Closed Captions (Subtitles) in Spanish, German, French, and Korean to give you more accessibility.

No, it is not necessary to be already professional with Adobe Photoshop. Daniel will show the most simple tools in the preparation-“Getting Prepared” Lesson in this course. The majority will come from learning by doing. Still, it can help read up the manual and practice with the software to understand the layers and Layer-Effects to get the maximum benefit from the course. 

You’ll find the download link for the BONUS Tattoo-Design templates after enrollment of the course, within the Lesson “Getting Prepared” and then in the Sub-Topic “Tattoo Design Templates.”

Only one discount code can be applied per online-course.

If you decide within the first 30 days after purchasing this course and if you have finished less than 25% of the course that this course is just not the right fit for you, then you can use the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Just reach out via E-Mail with your account information and login, and we will refund your money.

The certificate is there to show your clients proof that you finished the Essential course: “How to use digital workflow for your tattoo-designs (Essentials)” to prove either your clients that you acquired the skills and educated yourself in the field of digital image-production for your Designs. It can also serve you as a reference if you’re about to start your tattooing career by searching for an apprenticeship with an established tattoo-studio or artist.

This course focuses on preparing the tattoo-design and creating a fully presentable mockup to sell the design to the client. The principles of drawing and or tattooing will be part of specific courses for these topics. This course helps you create tattoo designs with a digital workflow and is the first essential step within Daniels’s work. New courses with more specific topics will be based on the knowledge acquired in. this course will be released soon.

Are you ready to elevate your designs?

Enroll today and start learning how to use digital workflow to create stunning compositions to impress your clients and to create your own personal portfolio which looks unique and can’t be found at any street-corner.