Hi, my name is Daniel Meyer, thank you for checking out my website and my social media.

I’ve decided to make this an audio post because it gives me the opportunity to communicate freely and just talk a bit about what was happening in the last year.

Maybe some of my followers might have noticed that I was on some sort of a hiatus.

So I was not really posting anything for almost nine months or so.

And that’s why I decided to kick it right back off with this audio episode, first and foremost, to answer what have I done in the meantime

and how is my business going?

I mean, like most businesses, I was also shut down, even though it was not very easy because of loss of income and the struggles 

most self-employed artists have to go through during such an extreme situation.

But honestly, I think it was really a year of growth and realizations for me by using a lot of the time, really for myself, because most of

my life I’m just like rushing and rushing from one thing to another and never really appreciated who I actually am and what I actually

created. That’s why I took the time really to almost socially quarantine myself.

So I was really off of most of social media.

And overall, for my phone in general, that means was barely replying to any text messages.

I was barely browsing through the Internet, barely watching anything, almost like a cleanse like some people did.

The juice cleanse.

I mean, technically, we actually also did a juice cleanse in the meantime.

But it was almost like a cleansing experience not to be constantly on any form of computer or to socially interact all the time.

I actually found the time also to find some of my hobbies and my passions again.

So I used a lot of the time to really go back into drawing and finding so much material, for example, by taking art schools and art

lessons, because if you work as a designer, it very easily becomes just like routine where you just, you know, create one design after 

another. And I think it’s really important to respark and really find this passion again.

And as an artist, it’s really important to find the right techniques and to find whatever inspires us to create new and more exciting

artworks. Another very interesting experience was building my first computer after like almost 22 years,

I was really big in building computers together with my brother between the age of I think it started around seven years old, something around that.

And it went until I was probably 14 years old.

After that, I never built a computer together.

I just always took the premade systems.

It was really such an interesting experience to build together such a piece of technology.

I mean, my God, so much has changed.

I remember prekindergarten times installing games from floppy disks on Atari and seeing how technology has changed is very impressive and 

also kind of intimidating in a way.

So I took this as a learning experience and also to appreciate where I come from and what got me actually here, because without building

computers when I was a child, I would probably not in a position where I am right now because everything kind of led one thing to another.

And when I was a child, always working and playing with computers, which created also my passion for all kinds of games and the aesthetic 

usually of the games, whenever I got a new game, for example, I would just go immediately into the folder, into the files and see is there

like a level of detail?

Is there like a design editor where you can customize and do your own little tweaks and build your own levels and worlds in those games?

And I think this really inspired me and is also part still of my entire aesthetic when I work and when I would do my tattoo designs.

The intention of building this computer was actually to find another outlet, an artistic outlet for myself, because during 2020 I really

had to cope with the loss of my dog.

Hollie, whoever knows the both of us knows that we had a very special and soul bonding relationship.

I mean, if you have somebody around who is sleeping almost six years on your chest and you feel the heartbeat of this little being that

has really a soul bonding experience and losing her in a I would say, rather dramatic way, was definitely a very humbling experience.

And it took me a little while to come to terms with it.

And one thing which really helped me during this time was creating a new form of artworks like you see in this cover image for this episode 

where I create the places how I used to do it with computer games.

I created my own worlds, which I see in my subconscious mind.

And those are the places still when I do meditation and when I really go into my subconscious mind.

Those are the places where I still, until today, every single day connect with her and talk to her.

And since I cannot go out on my walks with her anymore, I have decided to use this grief in a productive and in a creative way.

By creating these artworks where I take pictures of places together with her which are existing in my subconscious mind, those are my little walks with her.

And last but not least, this break from social media and electronics gave me the time to reflect a bit more about my life.

And I really came to terms with is that I feel that I lived so many lifetimes already.

If I just start thinking about all those stories and all these chapters in my life, I went through just thinking about I could probably talk

for the next five days straight, just stories about what shaped me and what kind of things I’ve experienced from being an artist, being a

little child, growing up in a small town in Germany, wanting to break out of the small town life, going into the city, becoming a musician,

working as a graphic designer, never have worked as an employee in my life, made my degree, made my way into working as a photographer,

becoming a tattoo artist, moving to the United States, being featured in magazines, radio, productions, television and all sorts of things.

And I have seen so much crazy stuff throughout my life that I could probably just keep talking for the next couple of days straight.

But since I don’t want to stretch your attention too much, the essence of this realization was I’ve experienced love in my life, which I am grateful for.

I had the opportunity to see the most interesting and most incredible places from traveling all over the world, like between 25 and 30 countries so far.

And I’ve seen the most incredible nature, the most incredible places.

I’ve experienced humor and I really do enjoy very good sense of humor.

I had the opportunity to experience my friends and closest families.

I also got the opportunity to have two amazing, beautiful and loving dogs.

And last but not least, just the ability to experience music like listening to music.

Think about how a life would look like if we wouldn’t have music.

All of those things together were already worth this life, which includes all the suffering, the hardships, the good times, the bad times.


I can just say that I’m so grateful that I was able to experience all of those things that really my attitude changed entirely.

I’m not out for any new best thing or whatever.

I think I got everything and even more I can ask for from this lifetime that everything else right now feels like the extra

score. Just imagine you play a pinball machine and you break the high score and you just keep going and it doesn’t matter like how much you play and how far the game goes.

You just already broke to high score and now it’s just extra points.

It’s the encore.

And this is my attitude towards my life.

So whatever happens from now, let’s say I make a wrong turn in traffic tomorrow and get run over by a huge truck.

I am completely and fully content because I got already more than I can ask for.

And that’s why I also decided to restructure my entire social media and also my website a bit to post from now on, not only just tattoo

pictures. And I’m fully aware that many of you are probably here just because of my tattoos and posting and will absolutely continue

posting also on my tattoo pictures here.

But just right of being a tattoo pod for you.

I want to make this place like a window into my mind where I want to share from now on any forms of helpful resources, anything which can 

maybe inspire you or just helpful tools, because I’m just tired of it.

Every single person who wants something from you to want your time, they want your attention.

Hence why I’ve decided this page from now on becomes a place where I just give.

So that means if you come here, I hope that you find anything helpful or maybe just entertaining.

And this is my offering to you, nothing more and nothing less.

And you can decide if it’s helpful or interesting for you.

And I mean, if you don’t like it, that is completely fine with me as well.

Then maybe you will come back a later day.

Maybe in the future there will be something inspiring here for you.

But if you find anything here which brings any form of positivity into your life, please keep following me or start following me.

If you know anyone who could like whatever I’m posting here, please feel free and share it with others.

In case you have noticed it, I have posted our row with pillars, and the story behind the pillars is that each and every pillar is 

representing a commitment we have the first one, which is to be impeccable.

The second pillar represents to lead by example, and the last pillar is to live with purpose, which is pretty much an umbrella for

everything which is bigger than ourself.


That’s why the idea is to keep all my posts structured exactly in this order.

I will make posts to be impeccable. I will share things to lead by example.

And last but not least, I will share everything which I consider to live with purpose.

I also want to address everyone who is asking about to get to two appointments at the moment, I currently have my bookings closed because 

first I want to see how the entire situation is developing.

But as soon as I receive any news about it, I will make another post and share with you.

And I hope that you understand my situation and I really do appreciate all your patience and your time is valuable to me.

That’s why I will keep you updated as soon as I have any new information when exactly I’m going to take new clients in.

But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or my assistant via 

And the best way to stay updated is actually subscribing to my newsletter.

You will find a link to subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of my website.

My website is

And if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find the Subscribe button.

And by subscribing to my newsletter, I will make sure that I would send you updates and any form of helpful resources I can find.

I’m actually really excited to share with you a lot of content I’ve created and collected during the entire last year.

So stay tuned and I’m really excited to share with you some really exciting projects I’ve been working on.

Thank you so much for listening and I wish you a fantastic and inspired day.

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