My 7 reasons why to get tattooed


If in doubt… get tattooed. Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo since ages but never pulled thru with it? Do you have that one image of a tattoo wandering around your mind regularly that just won’t go away? Or do you catch yourself imagining yourself being tattooed and smiling about it? Well then, it’s probably time to stop overthinking and get started. Here are my 7 main reasons, why getting tattooed isn’t just a cool thing to do but can also change your life to a better.


From paralysis back to the flow

As humans it’s natural to have an inner voice telling us to be cautious. It sounds up every time we’re about to enter a new situation and hit unknown terrain. And in general, it’s a good thing. It prevents us from taking to high risks without considering the consequences and probably also getting ourselves killed within the first few years on this earth.

On the other hand, it often has us overthinking things that could do us good, just because they’re new and unknown. It can occasionally make us sluggish and keep us from reaching our full potential and happiness.

Therefore, it’s essential to not just blindly follow that voice but rather listen to and question it. It’s not about rushing decisions but about getting out of paralysis due to too much analysis. It’s about being in touch with yourself and taking decisions not only based on common rules and fears but on who you truly are. About finding your true nature.

So if you keep stumbling over tattoos, over the topic of being tattooed and most of all if you’re reading this very article, then you’re obviously already intrigued and the initial spark has already been set. Let me take along my main reasons why I like giving and getting tattoos, maybe this will help you get back into the flow and take a decision.


1. Make your inner values visible

A tattoo is nothing you chose by chance – at least I don’t suggest doing so. Tattoos are meaningful. Comparable to a business card they hold visible information about you, on how you see the world and what you sense of style and aesthetic is. They have the power to make your inner values visible to the outside world at first sight and help your surroundings to reflect on them.

As research shows, it takes just a few seconds for people to make a judgement of someone they meet and for you to leave a first impression. By choosing your tattoo artist and your tattoo(s) you define a big part of that moment and the subsequent impression. A high-quality and well-designed tattoo can have a great impact on how people perceive you and your values.


2. Make your body your diary

A common concern about getting a tattoo is, not being sure if one will still like it in a couple of years. But if you look at a tattoo as a milestone of where you are in life right now, then the whole concern is taken away. Life is full of milestones and they’re all part of us and our journey. Being in the moment and appreciating it as one of many is a healthy way of going thru life. So why not look at a tattoo as a landmark for a certain moment of your life and its representation. As something you can look upon later and be reminded of what you’ve achieved, been thru or felt during your journey.

Let’s also not forget the fact that there is probably not one single decision we make where we can with certainty tell that we won’t regret it in the future for some reason. Even though having many small and large-scale tattoos myself, I don’t regret any of them. They are part of me and time witnesses of where I was.

In the end, every decision you made in your life so far, led ultimately to where you are right now. Even reading this blog article in this very moment. 


3. Make yourself feel safe

Another reason why people get tattooed is that the tattoos give them a sense of being covered and protected. I myself had a big issue with my neck from a young age on – for some reason I felt it was too long – and used to wear black turtleneck shirts each day to hide it. At some point, my friend David suggested I get my neck tattooed and thus covered up. Since I didn’t have anything to lose, I agreed and got the project done in 2013. And guess what: I’ve never worn a turtleneck shirt since then if not as a clear and self-made fashion choice.

I also often have clients who get their tattoos to cover up old scars from accidents, self-harming incidents or surgeries. They all tell me about the big change of self-esteem the tattoos bring with them and how they can feel comfortable in their own skin again after getting tattooed. In addition, what they gain as well as a sense of pride by having a symbol on their body, that stands for them overcoming that hardship or chapter in their life.


4. Give yourself a self-confidence boost

It can indeed be quite nerve-wracking to reach out to a tattoo artist that you don’t yet know and make your first tattoo appointment. Trusting a stranger with your wish and vision and giving him control over the outcome is a bold thing to do. Even more since it is a step to a permanent outcome combined with physical discomfort.

During a tattoo session, you must deal with yourself and find a way to manage possible anxiety, nerves and physical discomfort. Nobody else can take over for you or go thru the experience for you. It’s something you undergo and most importantly overcome by yourself. 

But when done it is an invaluable lesson and experience thru which you’ll grow. It shows you how far you can go and how much you’re capable to endure physically. It teaches you an important thing about yourself and about handling yourself. With endorphins kicking in after your new tattoo being finished, you’ll experience a deep satisfaction and wear your new jewel-like a badge of achievement. There’s nothing better to boost your self-confidence!


5. Get in touch with your roots

We’re living in the digital age and life is full technology. Our primal instincts, our nutrition as well as our social behavior have been hijacked and replaced by utterly unnatural behavioral patterns. Our lives are full of distractions and many of us deal with anxiety and stress. We’ve lost the connection to our roots and often wander around with a feeling of lack. Everything is constantly shifting and changing in a blink of an eye. Not so a tattoo. A tattoo is there to stay. No matter what happens, no matter where life may bring us to, tattoos will always stay.

Tattooing exists for over 7200 years. It’s an ancient ritual that hasn’t changed in its core principal. It always was and always will be about injecting a piece of pigment under the skin. Tattoos always had a ritual and spiritual meaning and tell the story behind the person wearing them. They were also used for intimidation in tribal cultures. I believe tattoos represent something primal or tribal. By getting a tattoo and following this ancient old tradition we also chose a symbol and nod of appreciations for our ancient roots. 


6. Get your very personal piece of art & empowerment

Different to artwork that you have in your home, every tattoo is your very own, personalized artwork on your body. No matter the size of your tattoo or if chose to have a black and grey or a color tattoo, it’s a piece of art you carry around with you at any time, that accompanies you wherever you go, thru your entire life. It’s always there, always reminding you of what it stands for, like an empowering symbol with its very own and personal meaning to you. Always there to help you remember your strength and your experience. Always giving a message to your surroundings and signalling your values to the people you get to meet throughout your lifetime. 


7. Claim your own body

There are a lot of cultural dispositions regarding tattoos in different cultures. What they all have in common is the belief, that other people shouldn’t be allowed to tell you what to do with your own body. That there are certain boundaries to us that shouldn’t be crossed by nobody. 

There’s no stronger way of claiming your own body, then to personalize it. By choosing which kind of tattoo you want, what size it should be, which elements your tattoo should contain as well as the part of your body that it’s going to be placed on, you take full control of yourself and your body. Nobody else has the right to tell you what you are allowed or not allowed to do with your own skin. 

In the end, our bodies will dissolve anyway, no matter what culture or religion you come from. So why not rather enjoy the gift that’s given to us and fully claim it?

Think, but forward.

Surely getting tattooed is a very personal and life-changing decision. As such it’s recommended to spend some time thinking about it before taking action. In my experience if you’re willing to spend time on thinking about it, it’s most probably something you should go for. And at that point, it’s more important to think about the style you want to go for as well as finding your tattoo artist. 

So rather than questioning yourself get yourself going and gather all the information you need to get your best result.

7 Responses

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Great article and 100% true.
    Can’t wait to get tattooed (again) because of reading this.
    All the best for you and c u soon.

  2. I would love for you to be the the hand/ mind that helps curate my first piece! I’ve always been a huge fan of tattoos BUT i feel strongly about not throwing things on my skin permanently. Months ago i finally got it, and have been developing it. Your work is BEAUTIFUL and your mind, even more so. I’m confident that who you are/ believe in, dictates how beautiful your work has become💪🏾I am already very excited and have much trust in you as an artistic mind. My goal in to book for Feb 20th. How can we talk a bit more about the idea and possibilities?

  3. I never took into account the fact that tattooing has been around for 7,200 years, and it has been a ritual that hasn’t changed. Personally, I wanted to get myself inked this year to mark my 30th birthday. And I should probably start looking for a tattoo parlor now to ensure that I find the best one with a good reputation for my first-time experience.

  4. Thank you for explaining that tattoos display your sense of style and aesthetic. That’s probably why my son wants to get a tattoo. I should advise him to look for a
    tattoo shop with experienced artists.

  5. The other day, I started thinking about getting a tattoo, but I’m afraid it’ll hurt too much. I really like what you said about how tattoos are customized for each person and are pieces of art that stay with us, so I think I’ll look into it. I appreciate your intake on how tattoos come with valuable memories.

  6. I thought you made a good point when you talked about how tattoos are meant to be something meaningful. If a tattoo is going to be meaningful, you would probably want the person creating it to be someone you trust. Getting to know a tattoo artist first is probably the best way to find someone you trust.

  7. It helped when you mentioned that tattoos display your sense of style and aesthetic. My friend wants to have a tattoo. I should advise her to look for an artist that provides the best tattoos.

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