New Single Release: INNER RISING

Inner Rising new audio single release

My first song “Inner Rising” comes with a heavy 4/4 drum and Bassline. I want to create a high energetic driving beat to create the groundwork to fall into a trance when surrounded by the sounds. Make sure you have a good speaker with a proper bass, maybe headphones, a PA system, or in the car on blast (as I do it). But always drive safe!

The story behind this track came from a spontaneous “aha-moment” I had last year when I realized that most humans (including myself) are constantly searching outward to fulfill this inner haunting feeling “is there more?”. We climbed the tallest mountains, dove to the deepest oceans, acquired vast riches, discovered the solar system and universe, but never once could fulfill this longing for something more lasting longer than a short period.
It’s like hunger which is never being fulfilled.
But there is a place where many have never searched, nor have discovered; the inner realm. It’s starting with a deep inner dialog, and it can transform someone.

We are not our thoughts; we’re simply big receiver antennas, hence why no thought or idea is ever unique. Thoughts are just guests, but most of them try to convince us that they’re the host: the good ones and the bad ones. But we ARE the host, and like every good host, we tell our “guests” hello and then goodbye.
Then we see our inner kingdom rising by giving it the space to grow. The discovery of the undiscovered territory. That’s why the title: “Inner Rising”

I’ve put the entire concept in this fast-paced electronic beat because places like venues or stages with a loud rhythmic, almost ritualistic atmosphere and sound always drove me to this place where endless energy seems to appear out of nowhere(?).
Imagine how the energy would drop in a club if the music is suddenly switched off.
That’s the reason for me to create my first song with a heavy electronic beat. It seemed like Electronic drum beats somehow created a gateway to this energy. I’ve combined that beat with chanting and female (organic-sounding) voices to create contrast with these almost primal sounds.

For the cover, I used one of the artworks I created last year while forced to stay at home. The artwork represents this struggle when we’re caught up in our struggles, which are just merely manifestations of our thoughts.
Darkness is a d heavy mess, but still, the floating character reveals the sense of levitating weightlessness.

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to the official release on August 7th and a for my other soon upcoming releases.

Share it, and if you like it, I’m thankful for any support and help from you. Thank you!

– Daniel

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