Stag and All-Seeing-Eye

Tattoo Daniel Meyer stag deer all seeing eye

Tattoo from earlier last year


We decided to go with a stag theme in reference to the stag as a spirit animal for Bob’s Tattoo. The stag is used in this tattoo to symbolize the character-trades of vigilance, spirituality, and groundedness, as the stag is an impressive and mystical animal of the forest. It is truly magical to face a stag eye to eye in the middle of the wilderness. The antlers helped me to create a perfect framing for the upper half of the composition, which holds a Mandala-Cutout, with the eye of the providence as a centerpiece.

The layering-effect of the mandala is used to create the feeling of different “Layers” Bob has. The layers reveal the eye behind, which has a metaphorical stand to see things as they really are. Being awakened means seeing the world as it is, no deception, no hallucination, and no assumptions. Both elements, the stag, and the eye, hold around the same “weight” in the tattoo-design to create the balance between the groundedness of earth/nature (the stag), as well as the metaphysical, symbolized by the eye. Thank you, Bob; it was a pleasure to create this design for you!

If you want to find out more about how I create my tattoo-designs, feel free to check out my online-course.



Daniel is extremely detail-oriented, and it shows in his superb tattoo work as well as our interactions. He’s a wonderful human being and I would recommend him in a heartbeat as an artist and a person! Thanks so much! -Bob

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