Tattoo Design Collection 2023

2023 Tattoo-Design Collection ready for booking

In the following, you’ll find a collection of my latest tattoo-design ideas, which are ready to be tattooed. The design collection I post has a higher priority in my booking process and gives you the chance to get an appointment as soon as possible.
Each design is one of a kind and will be tattooed by me only once to assure you that it stays exclusive to you and that it will not be sold to others afterward.

You’ll find the instructions to reserve and book your appointment at the bottom of this post.

My designs are drawn digitally, and you’ll see a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional image; hence, remember that a tattoo has a different look/characteristics – which in my opinion look even more appealing than the mock-up pictures. I’ve attached an example from my last collection next to a finished result (middle to bottom healed) as a reference:

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 1

This design focuses on the theme of flow and nature. The overall design is elongated to make a good fit for an arm or leg piece. With the leaves on the top part wrapping around the limb, it creates a three-dimensional effect vs. many tattoos which look more like a flat “patch.” In the center a water wave is incorporated as well as planet Earth and the phases of the moon, to symbolize that everything comes in phases.
This design is perfect for everyone who is a free-flowing spirit but who still has a balance through being grounded. The design gives the appearance of elegance and strength at the same time and is a great fit for men and women alike.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 2

This design incorporates a skull as a central theme. The skull represents our own mortality which is also just part of nature itself. Seize every day and every present moment; we never know what comes tomorrow. Life is a cycle, and only embracing our mortality is what gives life that certain necessary tension–the reminder not to postpone everything for tomorrow. Imagine a world where everyone would live infinitely. It would be stagnant since there would be no need to live in the present moment; we would procrastinate whatever we can. This design is a reminder to seize this very moment, to be connected with nature, to go with the flow of life, and to appreciate our own mortality as a tool given by nature.

This design works great on forearms, upper arms, or legs.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 3

This design focuses on the central theme of femininity and elegance. It has a natural body flow, combined with imagery to create a balance between softness and strength.
The crane is a classic tattoo element and stands as a symbol of grace and freedom for the person wearing this tattoo. Underneath the crane, I’ve decided to add peony flowers which are also classic tattoo elements because of their beautiful aesthetics. Flowers, for me, always are a symbol of strength. Not the strength of rough or violent force, but rather their persistence and gentleness, which at times may appear like weakness but in fact holds the power, even as a tiny sprout, to crack through even the most rigid concrete.
The delicate ornaments on the bottom create a transition and accentuate the natural body flow of the feminine curvature (representing elegance).

Regarding body part, I recommend the upper leg as shown in the picture, since the placement holds another significant meaning as it is usually hidden from public view and more reserved for those who are trustworthy to be shown such an intimate area of the body.
Still, the ornaments on the bottom of the tattoo will create the perfect teaser when they lurk out of a skirt or short pants, showing that there is a hidden gem to be discovered when trust has been earned.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 4

In this composition, I focused on the theme of elegance and flow. Since relocating to Hawaii, the theme of water has become very central for me. Think about how every living organism consists of water, which has always been the source of life.
A central element I love to use in my designs is the human eye. Eyes are the gate to the soul, and the gaze of an eye has a magnetic force.
To create a counterbalance to the design, I’ve decided to incorporate flowers at the bottom of the tattoo as a symbol for the beauty of life.
This composition has a great feminine/masculine balance, and for the placement, I’d suggest the arms, legs, and back.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 5

This skull composition is a back-to-the-roots design for me for when I first started creating geometric designs. The main feature centers around a skull inside a prominent geometric V-shape to bring dynamic and focus on the realistic human eye at the bottom of the design. The eye itself is surrounded by the moon phases, which are a common theme for me representing “awareness”, and functions as a point of attention since the human eye always wants to focus on other eyes first.
The water splash on the top of the tattoo is there to soften the hardness of this design and to bring the element of “flow” into it. The splash will look great since it breaks out of the borders of the design and can wrap around the shoulder (for example). This tattoo can work great on various body parts. Just let me know in your inquiry what spot you have in mind.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 6

For the overall composition of this design, I went for two crossing axes with an x-axis and an exaggerated y-axis. This has two reasons: first, an elongated line makes the body part look leaner and more elegant; and second, the symbolism of the two axes (dimensions) themself. For me, the y-axis in my designs often represents “time” and the x-axis symbolizes life itself since the very moment in which we exist is not part of time/or a timeline (past and future), but rather it’s an infinite vertical dimension. There is no limit to the experience in the very moment; hence I’ve elongated the x-axis significantly over the y-axis.

In the middle of both of these dimensions, the crossing is the center (the self). Around this center, I’ve decided to place two playing birds. One aspect of the birds is that they represent playfulness, which is the main ingredient to being able to really live in the moment. Even more importantly, they represent both “love” and “freedom”. Freedom is the very core from which love arises. Any love which isn’t free isn’t love. There can be no real love without freedom.

Around the birds, I’ve added some circles because they are the simplest way to illustrate a constant flow of things (see also the two arrows) and are also a minimalist expression of “oneness”.

From the center (self) down, there’s a transformation into water drops. These water drops and the ripples they create represent “oneness”. Since every single being in this universe is part of one and the same center (oneness), we can say that every being we encounter is merely a ripple surrounding the very same center. They might look different; some are bigger, some are smaller, but they are only the circumference of the same “one”.

Above the birds are the moon phases, which I found very fitting in the composition since everything in this world of matter goes through cycles. Everything is just part of a spectrum, like light and darkness. To accentuate that idea, I even created the entire composition as a play of opposites (light and dark areas, moons and sun, feminine and masculine), which is another reference to “oneness” since oneness is the perfect balance between both of these aspects. Basically, the opposite of duality.
The top part is a very abstract version of the sun — together with the moons, we capture the theme of balance and opposites again.

At the very top of the design, I wanted to add elements that frame the biceps area. I’ve decided to go for “wing-ish” elements since they have a fantastic flow with the body and anatomy and because they mirror the bird theme and bring some lightness and playfulness into your own life.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 7

The overall theme of this shoulder piece is a representation of many ways or paths leading to one and the same essence. To illustrate this, I’ve created multiple parallel lines that start as a water splash (flow) and end together in one straight line down the arm crease transforming into drops. The idea is that water travels in all kinds of possible ways, but in the very end, it always flows into the same ocean. To give even more emphasis on the natural flow of water and the life it creates, I’ve decided to add a stylized scenery of a forest on the top of the arm. This creates a great counterbalance and helps to prevent the design from being too top-heavy.

The reverse triangle, which is an ancient alchemist’s symbol for “water,” frames the human eye. This eye is watchful and represents awareness. To be constantly aware, not to be distracted or to live life like a sleepwalker, but rather to be fully awake to every moment, every feeling, taste, impression etc.
The overall composition follows the Fibonacci sequence to bring a more natural and organic feel to it.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 8

This butterfly design came to me as a reminder to take everything lightly in life. Another aspect I love about butterflies or Lepidoptera, in general, is the fact that they go through metamorphosis. They progress from one form to another, and the symbolism that after at first crawling in the dirt, they end up flying through the air is a symbol for me of how everything can change when we just follow and trust nature, go through every step until our being, symbolically speaking, grows wings and moves freely.
I decided to add some branches because they create a beautiful flow with the body part as well as a perfect counterbalance to the geometric elements which are framing the entire design.
This design is unisex, and I’m open to suggested ideas placement-wise.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 9

This design was another homage to my roots when I used to work a lot with animal faces which are split in a dead (skull) and an alive part.
I wanted to bring a bit more dynamic into the composition vs. the symmetric faces that I used to do. I decided to make this tattoo a shoulder piece in which the Tiger is split by a diagonal line to create more dynamic and movement.

The Tiger has many meanings in many cultures, but strength, courage, and protection are the most prominent. I intended to give the Tiger a fierceness and to express these aforementioned attributes as well as the raw power and energy of these animals. To bring motion into the entire composition, I’ve used some elongated overlays over the shoulder to create a “glitch” effect, which looks fantastic in tattoo compositions and contrasts the organic shapes (the Tiger head).

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 10

I’ve been working on a series of elegant, feminine, and highly simplistic designs.
I enjoy arrangements with large amounts of space surrounding them—making the body part and its shape part of the whole design rather than having the tattoo design as a closed composition. In this case, I’ve created a preview for a tattoo that accentuates the feminine curvature on the back of the leg.

The idea is to tattoo multiple “decals” to flow with the human body. Another aspect of this tattoo style is the possibility of making the entire body a whole piece of art without patching every body part full with heavy tattoos. Being fully packed with tattoos looks good on some people, and on others, it looks better to keep it simple and delicate. Another positive aspect of working with these elements is that the amount of time needed to make the entire body an artwork is relatively short compared to large full-body tattoos, which can take up multiple years.
As stated before, the original design created here was the symmetric decal for the backside of the legs, which elongate on the side of the body. These compositions look best when they complement the body’s symmetry, with identical tattoos on each body part. If you’re interested in this aesthetic or want to give me free rein to create compositions of this kind for you, feel free to reach out, and we can discuss the process, even for full-body concepts.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 11

If you’ve ever encountered a Manta Ray in the ocean, you understand the magnificent pull of these giant and gentle creatures. Their essence is playful, observing but still fully aware. When looking into the eyes of a Manta Ray, you see the deep intelligence these animals possess. The reverse triangle in the background is an old alchemist’s symbol for water. I loved the juxtaposition of a geometric triangle that has flow by adding multiple lines with the flowing element of a circular water splash. If you ever visit a place where you get the chance to swim with these creatures (as you can here in Hawaii), do it. My assistant is happy to provide suggestions on where you can meet these Mantas out in the ocean. You’ll never forget that experience. It has left an imprint on me, so I wanted to dedicate this design to these gentle creatures.

This design is unisex; it will look fantastic on masculine and feminine body types. The placement is also open for discussion since this composition will work on various body parts.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

(SOLD) Tattoo-Design No. 12

For this design, I wanted to make an elegant composition that consists of straight lines combined with flowy organic S-shapes, for which I used branches of leaves. In the center, I’ve created a geometric Mandala element since my background starting out in tattooing was always very mandala-oriented. I keep the mandalas in such a way that they have enough space to fully unfold their optical effect; and by using delicate lines, they make an eye-catching centerpiece.
A little anecdote about back tattoos: My first tattoo was a full back piece, and I couldn’t have imagined how “right” it would feel to have a back tattoo. One aspect is that since it is mostly hidden from oneself, it always has a little surprise moment left when seeing them in the mirror, instead of having tattoos we get so accustomed to by having them visible all the time. Another aspect I enjoyed was the fact that it gave me a feeling of some sort of an armor on my back since the back seems like such a vulnerable spot, but with having the back tattooed, I had the feeling something was there; I’m prepared. At least that my personal experience. I want to share this as a pointer for anyone who is considering getting a back tattoo.

This tattoo composition will look fantastic as a back piece, but alternatively, it will also work wonderfully as an inner-arm piece that elongates over the forearm up over the biceps, as well as a composition for the leg. The long straight lines will accentuate the body part by making it appear slim, which is the optical effect of long vertical vs. horizontal lines in tattoo designs.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 13

I wanted a bolder look with heavier and darker elements for this composition. Everyone who had an eye-opening experience where they became one with the Whole will immediately understand the theme of this design. The meaning centers around the topic of the dissolution of the ego-self and dissolving into pure awareness. To illustrate this process, I placed a dissolving human figure in the middle of the design. Eyes have always fascinated me. I love to use this element to illustrate awareness or being awake (conscious) instead of going through life in a trance that only gives the illusion of being awake.
Another aspect of the design was that I wanted to incorporate many fractal elements to symbolize the infinity of being. For the top part of this tattoo I decided to incorporate orbits, planets, and stars to illustrate how everything is just one part of a big whole. As we on our small planet are just a speckle in a vast cosmic spectacle. All our desires, longings, and conflicts are nullified when seen from this perspective; it’s only the ego that centers everything around itself instead of seeing oneself as just a tiny part of a vast cosmic organism.

For placement, I’d suggest the forearm, outside or inside, but It would also look great as a piece for the calf.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Reserve your Design and Book Tattoo-Appointment

If you’re interested in reserving an appointment for a design from this collection, please email me with info about the body part you have in mind, the approximate size, and some attached pictures of the body part.

First come, first serve. I look forward to working on a fantastic tattoo with you.

– Daniel

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