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New Tattoo-Design Collection ready for booking

In the following, you’ll find a collection of my latest tattoo-design ideas, which are ready to be tattooed. The design collection I post has a higher priority in my booking process and gives you the chance to get an appointment as soon as possible.
Each design is one of a kind and will be tattooed by me only once to assure you that it stays exclusive to you and that it will not be sold to others afterward.

You’ll find the instructions to reserve and book your appointment at the bottom of this post.

My designs are drawn digitally, and you’ll see a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional image; hence, remember that a tattoo has a different look/characteristics – which in my opinion look even more appealing than the mock-up pictures. I’ve attached an example from my last collection next to a finished result (middle to bottom healed) as a reference:

Client testimonial:

“I did the entire tattoo sleeve with Daniel. He’s a phenomenal graphic designer which was the main reason for me to do the tattoo with him in the first place. We met, discussed the design, and spoke how it would translate to my forearm. He is highly experienced and made each of our four sessions (each lasting approx. six hours) great and incredibly easy. This being my first tattoo, he was very patient and willing to answer any questions or concerns with great knowledge about the art design; and made me feel great that what we were doing was something really special. His attention to details is amazing and I look forward to my next tattoo! “

– DC

Tattoo-Design No. 1

The overall composition for this tattoo design is a large-scale back-piece, which still holds a lot of empty spaces (skin showing), since many back-pieces I see look quite dense and almost overwhelming, and I’d like to go for something which gives the design and the elements “space”.

The main theme has a large piece of Geometry, which looks fantastic in large-scale tattoos. The center holds a meditator representing peace and tranquility, while the eye of awareness looks down from the top part of the design. In the center are planet constellations that contrast the branches of leaves, which can be interpreted “as above so below”. Everything in life is a growing process that goes through cycles. This tattoo means that between the macro- and the microcosm, the center pole is stillness and awareness and to become a witness instead of getting dragged into the dramas life presents us. To be aware of one’s being in a society filled with noise, to remind oneself to hold in, take a deep breath (becoming aware) and remember that we are just one fragment in this vast cosmos.

The design will need more than one session, but to determine the required tattoo time, I’d need to get some info and some photographs of your back.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 2

This wanna-do consists of two designs. Each design can be either tattooed as an individual piece or as a two-part “partner-tattoo” for friends and couples.
The theme of these designs is a bird, which represents freedom. Since freedom is the highest virtue, everything follows, even love. If love is not free, then it’s not love but rather a conditional bondage.
When we grow up, we start taking everything way too seriously, forgetting where we come from and our playful side. The idea behind visualizing the bird in an origami-style rather than a realistic representation was to give the design something child-like and playful. Playfulness and freedom go hand in hand, and being innocent and child-like is a quality only true lovers understand.

The body-placement is pretty much open for these designs. I think they will look great on the arms, legs or on the shoulder.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 3

This design focuses on the central theme of femininity and elegance. It has a natural body flow, combined with imagery to create a balance between softness and strength.
The crane is a classic tattoo element and stands as a symbol of grace and freedom for the person wearing this tattoo. Underneath the crane, I’ve decided to add peony flowers which are also classic tattoo elements because of their beautiful aesthetics. Flowers, for me, always are a symbol of strength. Not the strength of rough or violent force, but rather their persistence and gentleness, which at times may appear like weakness but in fact holds the power, even as a tiny sprout, to crack through even the most rigid concrete.
The delicate ornaments on the bottom create a transition and accentuate the natural body flow of the feminine curvature (representing elegance).

Regarding body part, I recommend the upper leg as shown in the picture, since the placement holds another significant meaning as it is usually hidden from public view and more reserved for those who are trustworthy to be shown such an intimate area of the body.
Still, the ornaments on the bottom of the tattoo will create the perfect teaser when they lurk out of a skirt or short pants, showing that there is a hidden gem to be discovered when trust has been earned.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 4

I’ve always enjoyed tattooing skulls; in fact, they got me started drawing as a child. I like the textures and the amount of possible details when tattooing or drawing them.
Skulls have always had a cross-cultural significance since they’re a universal symbol of our body’s mortality.  Some people have a morbid or negative connotation with skulls, but I believe they hold an immense beauty since mortality is a part of life, and it is just as beautiful as birth—two sides of the same coin. In western society, we’re very much jaded when it comes to death. It usually causes people to be fearful, fear of the unknown, but from my experience, only those who are aware that every moment can be the last have the freedom to live every moment to its fullest.
A skull is a reminder that we don’t know what happens tomorrow; nobody, not a single being knows, hence why there is no need to worry, rather to enjoy the present.

The snake in this composition symbolizes the meaning of “mystery” since these fascinating creatures have been a symbol of the mysterious in various cultures. Life is full of mystery, so it is for every present moment. Even if we try to decode every wonder of life with knowledge, we realize that every answered question poses another question and keeps going on ad infinitum.

The added geometric elements help frame the design and create contrast between the skull, snake, and ornaments, which are organic (chaotic) forms, by contrasting them with simplicity, straight, and mathematics lines. This way, the entire composition has a balance between order and chaos.

To summarize, the meaning of this design is to live in the present moment fully, to accept that we can’t predict the future, and instead to witness the mysteries of life and live each day in its totality.

For the position of this tattoo, I recommend the calf, upper leg, upper or lower arm, or in the center top part of the back.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 5

I’d like to work on a series of elegant, feminine, and highly simplistic designs.
While working on a design for a symmetric wrist tattoo, I noticed while creating the preview mockup how much I enjoy arrangements with large amounts of space surrounding them—making the body part and its shape part of the whole design, rather than having the tattoo design as a closed composition.

The idea is to tattoo “decals” to accentuate the human body. Another aspect of this tattoo style is the possibility to make the entire body a whole piece of art without patching every body part full with heavy tattoos. Being fully packed with tattoos looks good on some people, and on some, it looks better to keep it simple and delicate. Another positive aspect of these compositions is that the amount of time needed to make the entire body an artwork is relatively short compared to large full-body-tattoos, which can take up multiple years.

As stated before, the original design created here was the symmetric wrist tattoo. These compositions look best when they complement the body’s symmetry, with identical tattoos on each body part. If you’re interested in this aesthetic or want to give me free rein to create compositions of this kind for you, feel free to reach out and we can discuss the process, even for full-body concepts.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 6

For this design, I wanted to create a tattoo that symbolizes the path of someone who is a protector and whose life story is not prewritten (predictable); rather, every day is a new chapter of someone who acts rather than reacts.
Even though I usually feel that lions are a bit over-used, I’ve decided to go with a lion as the main element in this composition since it expresses fierceness, pride, and protection.

In the middle of the design I created a spin on the Vitruvian man from Da Vinci by having some parts taken from the original illustration and some parts exposed as geometry. Incorporated in the background is a Fibonacci spiral.

The feather (vintage quill pen) crosses the design diagonal, accentuates the body flow, and is metaphorical, expressing the life story being constantly written and re-written.
The ink from the feather extends down to the arm, creating a teaser, possibly lurking out of the sleeve bottom if a shirt is worn, covering the top part of the tattoo. Another possibility is that the trail of the ink on the bottom incorporates a word or (short) phrase, looking like it had been written with the same continuous stroke of the feather.

For the positioning, I recommend the upper arm.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 7

The main theme of this design is based on a skull with beautiful twirled horns since they create an elegant frame for the entire tattoo composition, especially when they wrap a bit around the body part. Skulls always have been essential design elements throughout my tattoo career. They symbolize mortality for me. Like human skulls, they have a profoundly positive meaning for me and function as a reminder to be present and live every day to the fullest, as if it would be our last.

The eye is one of my favorite design elements to tattoo. Since the human brain likes to focus on eyes, it helps me to guide the focus of the audience’s attention. Another aspect is that an eye is the symbol of awareness and discernment in my designs.

In the background of the tattoo design I’ve added some of my signature geometric elements. The bottom lines are made like a circuit board similar to “roots”, which create the connotation of “groundedness”, especially if the design is worn on a calf, then the lines will flow down towards the heel.

This tattoo design is the right choice for someone who is grounded, aware, and who seizes every day as a new opportunity for growth.

The geometric design on the right calf as well as the extensions to the top part of the leg were added for mock-up purposes only. But if you’re interested in minimal-style geometric tattoos like this, please reach out to me as well.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Tattoo-Design No. 8

This tattoo composition features a snake, a negative-space upside-down triangle, and some elegant geometric elements and leaves.

Snake designs always look fantastic since the significant S-shapes accentuate the natural body flow. The twisting snake symbolizes transformation because of their ability to shed their skin and renew themself. Another aspect of the snake is its seductiveness which fits perfectly for a feminine design like this composition.
To contrast the flowy curves, I’ve incorporated an upside-down triangle which consists entirely of negative space, to make it prominent but still “hidden”. Upside-down triangles were a symbol for water in alchemy and are used in my designs to illustrate that the person wearing the tattoo has great hidden depth, goes with the flow, and is a habitat for immense beauty and life.

The geometry around the design frames the entire composition and has an interesting background with various small and fine details.

For this tattoo, my favorite position is the upper leg (side or front), but if desired it might also work on the calf or upper arm.

To reserve your appointment for this tattoo, please use the email address at the bottom of this post.

Reserve your Design and Book Tattoo-Appointment

If you’re interested in reserving an appointment for a design from this collection, please email me with info about the body part you have in mind, the approximate size, and some attached pictures of the body part.

First come, first serve. I look forward to working on a fantastic tattoo with you.

– Daniel

12 Responses

  1. love your work Daniel.
    especially #2/bird in flight.
    I am 66 years old, retired, had first tat a year ago, geometric bird,
    but want to step up more on arm/shoulder.
    where can I send u my existing tat.
    thx! Larry

  2. Daniel I have been waiting to here from your team on getting a tattoo. Scheduled. For over 3 years now.

    I am still very interested in getting one. I’ve been following your work for the last 5 years.

    I’m interested in a back design
    Similar but not quite like design number one.
    I’d love to send you a couple mock ups and would love for you to take it from there.

  3. Hi! I’ve been wanting a tattoo from you for the last 5 years! Are these the only ones you do now? I’m at Woodland Hills. I’d love something on my right forearm: a wolf/capote/human inspired tattoo. I had lymphoma with a massive tumor around my heart and lungs so it would be great to incorporate that as well 🙏🏾

  4. Hello,

    I am interested in design number 7 (2 calves). I will send photos of my calves when I’m in a more lit up environment. I just wanted to try to secure this design first—hopefully.

  5. Hello! I’m interested in tattoo design 2. I love birds and would be interested in getting these! How much would this set approximately be? If that is taken, I’m interested in design 3 as well and would like to know approximately how much that would be too. Thanks!

  6. Tattoo design NO. 6 is resonating big time! If it’s meant to be please reach out to me and let’s set a date to get started. I am Lady E creator/visionary of Divine Sound and as a sound practitioner, guide/oracle, a Leo obsessed with sacred geometry this is a great fit, I absolutely love it for my right upper arm in small size.

  7. i could die for number 7.
    my exact favorite and one of the few places that i have blank.

    holy cow please pick me lucky 7.

  8. Hi! I love design number 6, can I get more info on this! I would actually like it done exactly like in the photo on the shoulder!
    Thank you.

  9. Hey!

    I’m in love with tattoo design #4. If it’s still available I’d like to discuss options with you. Preferably on my calf. I can’t attach a picture at the moment but would be happy to follow up on email.

    Also a big fan of #7 if you’re no longer doing #4

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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