Three Pillars

Three Pillars

Acceptance of whatever is.

What we see in others is merely a reflection of something which we see in ourselves. Sometimes we don’t like what we see sometimes we do. But we cannot change the other person, only ourselves. Everything else outside of that can only be accepted as it is. The good and the bad…
There’s this need of damaged minds to force their reality with various degrees of silver tongue or hostility upon others. The history of humankind has consistently shown that constructed realities spread (ironically) like a virus as well.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. To take ownership of our own life and reality by being grounded like a pillar, no matter how stormy it gets, whatever tries to move it, the pillar is deeply grounded and stays unmoved no-matter-what…An essential tool to stay grounded is a meaningful and straightforward Mission Statement to be the modus operandi for any action or communication, which can always be applied in times of self-doubt. Consistency will make these pillars stronger and unshakable:

To be impeccable, to lead by example, and to live with purpose.


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