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The theme of the mediator is an expression of freedom and inner liberty. It doesn’t matter if we’re getting locked in or whatever others try to impose on us if our mind is free. That’s the untouchable place, only we have control over. To emphasize the contrast and balance in the whole composition, I’ve decided to work with large light and dark areas (negative-space), in this case, with triangular shapes. The triangle holds a symbolic meaning for “simplicity” itself since it is the most simplistic shape with a minimum of three needed points (polygon).
In the meditator’s lap, I’ve placed a Lotus, every paddle representing one of the seven layers of consciousness, which are shedding off to reveal the inner core. The place from where we have to act, speak and create. To build more dynamic in the composition of the meditator with the lotus, which is a classic, I’ve decided to add stylized circuit-board looking roots to the lotus. This brings a modern feel to the composition and reminds us that these ancient practices are still in our full-technological environment essential, maybe even more than ever before. On the top-part is an array of five birds, creating a sort of halo around the meditators to support the entire theme of “Inner-Freedom.”

The design was made for my latest online-design course, and I would love to tattoo it as well.
FYI: If you’re a tattoo artist or graphic-artist and want to learn how I create my tattoo-designs, like this one, feel free to check out the course:


This Tattoo will take me two full-day sessions; if you’re interested, please reach out to me so that we can book your session: and mention in the subject-line “Meditator Wanna-do.” I will only take this wanna-do appointment right now, but my bookings for other projects are still closed. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. Hi,
    Would really live to apply for your course, but I work only on tablet, is your course only based on photoshop or would it be also possible with other apps ( procreate, sketchbook)

    Thanks a lot for your answer

    1. Hi Kristine, thanks for your comment. The course consists out of coaching videos that are independent of whatever software is used (Design theory and Idea-finding), and the actual design-process which are made in Photoshop. The reason for that is, that I’ve been using Photoshop since 1996 and I think over the last two decades it became the most versatile tool out there for designing, photo- and product-creation.
      The same techniques I’m using in the “Essential Course” can be adapted to other apps, but they would have different hotkeys and different options. Therefore it would be like looking over my shoulder, how I approach my design.
      In the end with graphic-software, it’s almost like using a Nikon or a Canon camera: At the end of the day, both cameras will take a great picture, if taken by a great photographer.

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