Daniel Meyer, professional blackwork, geometric and dotwork tattoo artist, CREATING PERSONAL TATTOO EXPERIENCES ON THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII


Daniel Meyer is a German-born artist currently residing on the Big Island of Hawaii. Daniel started his first line of work as a designer at the age of sixteen and by the age of twenty-five, he passed his certification exam and started his first company with his brother in 2004. Since then he worked for many renowned companies and by 2010, Daniel decided that he wanted to pursue a new career path as he is now a self-taught tattoo artist.

His vision is to create designs for his clients which have symbolic meaning in their lives, that add value, and which could be interpreted as a diary of their life stories. Stories in which to strengthen the client’s vision and to hold these symbols as markers or representations of their life experiences.

His work is strictly in black and grey and which embodies his unique style as his techniques incorporate fine lines and dotwork shading. The main elements of creations evolve around natural organic textures and mathematical precision of geometric elements which is to create the counterbalance between both opposing forces; natural and organic.

Daniel’s work has been published in various magazines like the Tätowier Magazin, Urban Ink Magazine, TattooFest, SkinDeep, and many other nationally and internationally, as he even had appearances on television and got voted by LA weekly as the best tattoo artist in 2015 in Los Angeles upon due to his first arrival in the states.


Learn how to use digital workflow for your tattoo-designs (Essentials)

This course will show you my most efficient workflow in Adobe Photoshop and time-savers I’ve used for over sixteen years as a professional designer and tattoo artist.


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