Octopus Tattoo



For Kat’s Tattoo, we wanted to direct the main focus on an Octopus to cover the whole forearm, combined with sea Kelp to add the background and the natural habitat for these strange but beautiful creatures, which are without a miracle of adaptation. The Octopus has three hearts and has not a single bone in their body, hence why they had to become some of the most intelligent predators species to survive for almost 300 Million years. While tattooing Kat’s arm, we also watched the @netflix Documentary “My Octopus Teacher” with Craig Foster @seachangeproject , who shows an incredible journey into the complex world of an Octopus within the Kelp-Forrest in South Africa. It is surreal to see that a spirit animal can come in multiple forms to us, even as the most unexpected and sometimes with eight arms. Check out the movie if you haven’t already.
We are all part of the same planet and ecosystem; it doesn’t matter of deep-sea animals or birds in the sky. We as humans are also just a part of this one giant organism we call “nature.”

If you want to find out more about how I create my tattoo-designs, feel free to check out my online-course.

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